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The Father’s Day Gift Guide 2021

Country & Town House | 10 Jun 2021

As the third Sunday of the month, June 20 draws nigh—heed this date if you’re reading this in the UK, USA, Europe or Canada—it’s time to think of Father’s Day presents. In the USA, Father’s Day has been celebrated since 1910, so they’re used to it. Father’s Day in the United Kingdom and other countries was inspired by the American custom, so we’re not quite so good at it yet. If you haven’t already been celebrating it for 111 years, read on and be inspired.

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The best post-lockdown services

Country & Town House | 1 Jul 2020

Expect everything from a deluge of divorces (those already unhappy couples who were holed up during the pandemic) through to a mass exodus to live in the countryside, far from the madding, (masked) crowd. Anticipate dealing with your tubby Coronatummy – and body hair (that’s you, ladies) – and possibly finding a new career too.

Here’s our guide to the top dozen services and practitioners for the next steps.  Whether you’re after the world’s best off-Zoom yoga, the ultimate post-lockdown facial or mouth-watering new foodie experiences, read on.

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Elbows at the ready

Country & Town House | 1 Feb 2020

You can buy a new Jimmy Choo handbag for £130, a Belstaff parka for £150-£600 less than the RRP, or a Roland Mouret coat reduced by 85 per cent to £250. But this bargain world is accessible solely to those in the know. Luxury brands tell only a select few about the dedicated sample sale venues that aren’t in designer outlets and that typically discount by 50 to 75 per cent.

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Your family history on film

The Luxury Channel | 1 Nov 2019

I’m sitting surrounded by a pile of 31 of my mini DV camcorder tapes and 15 VHS ones. Bear with me. I know this doesn’t sound fascinating. But I am almost crying, actually. I’m the least techie person in the world. I do know that video is no longer, that it doesn’t exist, that it has gone in a puff of smoke to techie hell. And so I’ve lost access to hours of much-loved films of my kids in nursery school nativity plays, end-of-term concerts, my children at their first to 13th birthdays, that first swim, first tooth out…. You get the gist.

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Best in London – the people who really matter

The Luxury Channel | 13 Feb 2018

Caroline Phillips unearths the people who really matter to the people who really matter. The doctors, practitioners, therapists and service providers who celebrities and folk with their finger truly on the pulse have on speed dial. An alphabetical guide to the country’s leaders in everything from psychotherapy to gut health. From who you should visit for semi-permanent make-up to hair removal. Not to mention the super-facialists and who to choose for acupuncture or to accompany you to buy your clothes…

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Perfect for Dior

Evening Standard | 8 Jun 2016

Peter Marino – known in his circles as Peter the Great – is one of the world’s most sought-after architects and the fashionistas’ favourite. He’s designed hundreds of shops for super-brands – Chanel and Louis Vuitton among them. And this week he displays his creative genius in the transformation of two magnificent Georgian Mayfair townhouses that have become the House of Dior boutique.

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Is This the World’s Most Expensive Hair?

Huffington Post | 9 Jun 2015

Hair royalty, hair-raiser — he’s been called many things. One thing’s for sure — hairdresser Daniel Galvin Jr knows a thing to two when it comes to tresses. And now he’s offering a mobile hairdressing service. Hair on Bikes. Like meals on wheels. Only think cut ‘n’ colour delivered to your home or office. That is to say, two men on a bike come to do your hair chez vous. Daniel and his top snipper, Joseph Bilton. They’re the only duo in London offering such a service.

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