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Those 1000 a minute questions

Evening Standard | 15 Oct 1991

Cameras flash and the fashion world applauds while eating cheese straws and drinking Lanson champagne. These are the British Fashion Awards – the Oscars of the designer rag trade.

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Running flat out in injury time

Evening Standard | 2 Sep 1991

There’s a police car outside the hospital tonight. In front of it, an alcoholic sits on a plastic chair, can of Special Brew in hand. His friend – a man with a savaged face – goes into the hospital, pushing through the transparent plastic swing doors.

This is the scene in casualty at King’s College Hospital in Camberwell one recent weekend night. It is one of the busiest accident and emergency departments in London.

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The gentle art of self enjoyment

Evening Standard | 9 Aug 1991

Maverick and inspirational fashion designer who is a byword for the avant-garde and once jumped on a policeman’s back during a punch-up. Fervent and shy woman who is not afraid to shock and put punk, bondage and conical external bras on the catwalk. Humorous and scholarly lass who wore a fig leaf on her body suit on television and wants people to appreciate the intellectual curiosity behind her designs.

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Jessica is practising reflexology. She’s 2. But then her mummy wants her to be a whole person

Evening Standard | 25 Jul 1991

JESSICA is pummel pummel pummelling Lucia’s bare feet, her face creased with concentration. She reaches over for a bottle and, splosh, pours orange and cinnamon oil onto her hands and returns to her massaging.

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The rack and the ruin

Evening Standard | 19 Jun 1991

ONE day senior ad man Alistair Treves was earning more than £100,000 – and the next he was on the dole. ‘I get paid £50 a week from social security because I have a wife and children.’ He had worked for leading London advertising agency Young and Rubicon for 21 years.

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Just who would want a pit bull as a pet?

Evening Standard | 21 May 1991

Next to the door bell is a sticker bearing the legend: “Make his day. Break in.” On it is a picture of a pit bull terrier, stocky and muscular with a steel-trap jaw.

So why would anyone want an American pit bull terrier – or APBT, as the new Sporting Dog periodical would have it?

There are an estimated 10,000 APBTs in England, of whom 1000 reside in Dave and Maria Britons’ borough of Waltham Forest, an area where youths walk in the park: one with an APBT, another with a rottweiler. With its killer instinct, the APBT is a loaded weapon.

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Agony of the long goodbye

Evening Standard | 1 May 1991

“Chess” proclaims the huge banner outside the drab one-time cinema that is now the Playhouse theatre in Edinburgh. Scarsely noticeable beneath it, a small strip reads “Rudolph Nureyev”.

The audience file in, looking as if they were going to the local bistro, no-one particularly glammed up for the occasion.

Inside, an usher gives me – and every other woman in the front stalls – a pink rose, to throw on stage at the end of the performance.

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The bare accessories

Evening Standard | 24 Apr 1991

Until 18 months ago, Dorothy Berwin and Seth Stein lived in his little-larger-than-a-doormat bachelor flat. Very high-tech, it had aluminium floors, aircraft chairs from a jumbo jet and the most minimal minimalism. Dorothy kept most of her clothes in a mobile wardrobe unit-her car. ‘It was like being on a constant camping holiday.’

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