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The Spear’s Luxury Index 2020: Joanne Evans

Spear’s | 25 Nov 2020

London’s best-kept skin secret is hidden behind a door in a residential street. ‘It’s so discreet,’ enthuses Joanne Evans as she welcomes Spear’s to the Holland Park flagship of Skin-Matters, the UK’s first ‘skin health house’. 

It feels like an exclusive, members-only club frequented by the beauty cognoscenti. When Evans, a medical aesthetician, launched it nine months before the pandemic struck, it quickly made its way on to speed dial for celebrities. Hollywood actress Naomi Watts enjoyed her visit so much that she announced she would take Evans back to the US with her. 

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Bangkok without the bang

Spear’s | 22 Jun 2012

I’m not ordinarily a fan of Bangkok – too much heat, too many knockoffs – but then there’s the Sukhotai hotel. Yes it’s surrounded by high-rise buildings in one of the noisiest and most traffic-choked cities in the world. But stop a while – inside, it’s pure orchid filled Zen and The Art of Hotel Living. Plus it offers something that’s as rare as a paragliding saffron-robed monk: it’s a resort hotel set calmly in the centre of the city.

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Doyenne of the downturn

Spear’s | 19 Sep 2011

The year may have been humbling for many of the hedge-fund industry’s biggest stars and other experienced investors and traders. Many have found it hard to cope with the effects of Japan’s disasters, uneven US and British economic recoveries, commodity price volatility and concerns about the solvency of Greece and other European nations. This is hardly the time, you would think, for the wives of hedgies to be demanding a new personal shopper, only the woman in question is devoted to rationalising your portfolio (of clothes) and helping you avoid a haircut (on ill-advised purchases).

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