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“Caroline Phillips is a tenacious and skilful writer with a flair for high quality interviewing and a knack for making things work.”

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This life

YOU Magazine | 7 Dec 2008

Two years ago today,I was lying under my desk, covered in glass, convinced I was about todie as a monstrous black cloud roared across my garden at 100mph, blating branches and bricks into the air like a massive explosion. I’d barely ad time to think Wizard of Oz before the tornado ripped through 150 homes n Kensal Rise, Northwest London, rendering 50 of them uninhabitable in just 2 seconds.

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Simply successful

Evening Standard | 4 Aug 2008

SUZY Maas has bought, decorated and resold her homes, five times in six years, to make a handsome profit.

And much of her experience has gone into her house-doctoring company. She knows that certain simple changes do emphatically push up the price you can ask for your home, and that decluttering is more than just cleaning the windows and hanging up your clothes.

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Worst of times, best of care

The Telegraph | 30 Jun 2008

When her father was taken to hospital last month after a car crash, Caroline Phillips prepared herself for an NHS horror story. What happened was very different.

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I want to find a cure for childhood epilepsy

YOU Magazine | 22 Jun 2008

Ann Maxwell has always aimed high. So when she discovered her son Muir had a rare form of epilepsy, she made it her goal to help other families affected by the condition. Her energy and determination made her the unanimous choice of the judges to win 2008’s Clarins Most Dynamisante Woman of the Year, and the £30,000 award which goes with it – an even more remarkable story considering the life-threatening illness Ann is facing herself.

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Samantha Davies: ‘Sometimes I sail naked’

YOU Magazine | 22 Jun 2008

When you see Samantha Davies pottering about in a teeny pink bikini on her pink sailing boat, Roxy, and spritzing her cabin with perfume, it’s difficult to imagine her facing waves the size of houses, 80-mile-an-hour winds and nights without a second’s sleep. It’s hard to think of her sailing solo among icebergs, killer whales and vicious storms. Or being stuck, as she once was, with no wind, in thick fog and in the path of an oncoming ship – seconds from death, had she not turned on her engine.

But that’s how life is for Sam, a 33-year-old Cambridge University engineering graduate who once wanted to be a ballerina, still loves to dress in girlie clothes onshore and wears three tiny diamond ear studs and a belly ring.

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Confessions of a Hay virgin

The Telegraph | 3 Jun 2008

As Europe’s largest arts festival draws to a close, Caroline Phillips braves the mud and rain to rub shoulders with the clever, the famous and the passionate.

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Being stared at was all I ever knew

The Guardian | 6 May 2008

Christian Constantine was born with the severest facial deformities his doctors had ever seen. Since a baby, he has been through more than 35 agonising operations to rebuild his features. Caroline Phillips hears how the tireless devotion of his family has kept him going.

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We’re natural cheerleaders, but we’ve had to learn commando tactics’

YOU Magazine | 20 Apr 2008

With eight children between them, Georgia Coleridge and Karen Doherty have experienced every family peak and pitfall possible. And now they’ve condensed their knowledge in a new book that divides the parenting world into seven distinct types.

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