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The spirit of place

Chewton Glen | 29 Oct 2016

The men in saffron robes walk the streets holding out their begging bowls. It is called tak bat. I get up at 5.30am to see it. The monasteries are empty and their monks are seeking aims. The pious – and tourists – sit on low plastic stools, as if kneeling, and hand out sticky balls of rice and cereal bars to these holy men. In this way, the former gain spiritual merit and the latter demonstrate their vows of poverty and humility.

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Postcard from Oyster Bay Hotel, Dar es Salaam, and Zanzibar

Globalista | 24 Sep 2016

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, is one of those places dubbed a ‘hole’. It’s neither particularly old, nor particularly beautiful. But read on because now there’s a reason to visit: the Oyster Bay Hotel. Renovated in 2007, the hotel is particularly beautiful. It’s also one of the coolest overnight stops in Africa for in-transit honeymooners and those who are en-route, whether to the high snows of Kilimanjaro, the coral sands and historical sights of Zanzibar, the Rift Valley or the Serengeti with its annual migration of two million animals.

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Postcard from Ol Seki, Kenya

Globalista | 24 Jun 2016

In the Masai Mara the animals are so used to people that they pose for photos. Find something exciting like a kill, and you’ll have to share the experience with a fleet of four wheel drives. So it’s a pleasure to stay in Ol Seki – a luxury tented camp situated idyllically in the heart of Eastern Koiyaki – on the edges of the Mara. It’s where the animals are timid and humans scarce.

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Perfect for Dior

Evening Standard | 8 Jun 2016

Peter Marino – known in his circles as Peter the Great – is one of the world’s most sought-after architects and the fashionistas’ favourite. He’s designed hundreds of shops for super-brands – Chanel and Louis Vuitton among them. And this week he displays his creative genius in the transformation of two magnificent Georgian Mayfair townhouses that have become the House of Dior boutique.

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Neutral Zone

Livingetc | 6 Jun 2016

‘It’s all about the light,’ insists Rebecca Wakefield. ‘I need it! Don’t we all? A simple thing, but it makes me happy.’ This explains why, as the owner of this sun-saturated ground-floor apartment in southwest London, Rebecca’s smile is rather bright and shiny too.

As flats go, this one is huge. A converted space in a Victorian bakery factory, which after spells as a children’s nursery and an architect’s studio was discovered ‘unloved, but full of so much potential’

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Postcard from Sha Wellness Clinic, Alicante, Spain

Globalista | 2 May 2016

I’m sped from the airport by a James Bond-style driver dressed all in black. He plays New Age dolphin music, the sort that normally goes with massages and crystals. Is he getting me into the mood for the Sha Wellness Spa, the world’s first five-star macrobiotic spa, on the 50 minute drive from Valencia, Spain? Soon the spa looms like an ocean liner stranded among the Sierra Helada mountains, with the Lego tower blocks of Benidorm in the distance.

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House Party

Country & Town House | 24 Apr 2016

This is a cool, modern house in which to bring together all generations of your family for a weekend shindig. Party central is near Stawley, Somerset. It’s a converted 16th-century dairy farm-turned-cider press that is now glossy-interiors-mag-feature-meets-heaven. There’s a 25-metre living/dining/playing space, another barn-turned-games room with a roaring fire in a monumental contemporary fireplace, acres of bleached wood floors and under-floor heating.

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Sicily’s Finest

Lusso | 22 Jan 2016

The Fattoria Corleonese is heaven on earth in the heart of a bustling working estate. (Think parfaito homemade cheese, olive oil and luscious tomatoes which the owners leave you as a welcome.) It’s in the middle of the Sicilian countryside – near Corleone – with views of hills, meadows and avenues of pines and eucalyptus trees from the house to eternity. And gardens of walnut, cherry and apple trees. The estate dates back to 1873 and the accommodation is in part of a bougainvillea-covered manor house – built around a cobbled courtyard –that’s still a family home.

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