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Everything You Need To Know About Cheese With Paxton & Whitfield

Country & Town House | 6 Oct 2022

Cheese making was a gift of the gods, according to Greek mythology. And this course has been created by the Paxton & Whitfield gods of Piccadilly. If you’ve ever wondered how cheese is made, how to taste it like a pro, how to describe its character, when to eat it, how to serve it and with what, this is the class for you. It’s masterminded by the super knowledgeable folk from that shop that’s had the Buckingham Palace patent since Queen Victoria. And after closing the physical classroom door for the pandemic lockdowns, in-person meetings have just started again.

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Sam Ashton-Booth & The Outside Oven

Country & Town House | 23 Aug 2020

Sam Ashton-Booth is newly redundant, so his venture The Outside Oven gives a new meaning to Eat Out to Help Out, whilst also giving a new spin to home-cooked meals. Plus, in these uncertain times, his feasts costs far less than any Michelin meal in a restaurant. The average food spend at The Ledbury was £125 per head, without alcohol. Caroline Phillips tells us more…

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The best post-lockdown services

Country & Town House | 1 Jul 2020

Expect everything from a deluge of divorces (those already unhappy couples who were holed up during the pandemic) through to a mass exodus to live in the countryside, far from the madding, (masked) crowd. Anticipate dealing with your tubby Coronatummy – and body hair (that’s you, ladies) – and possibly finding a new career too.

Here’s our guide to the top dozen services and practitioners for the next steps.  Whether you’re after the world’s best off-Zoom yoga, the ultimate post-lockdown facial or mouth-watering new foodie experiences, read on.

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The Raymond Blanc Cookery School at Le Manoir Aux Quat’Saisons

Globalista | 24 Oct 2017

I’m a big foodie. So I’m as eager as corn kernels on a hot stove to be spending a day learning to cook at the Manoir Aux Quat’Saisons. Le Manoir – for anyone who has been living in Tupperware since 1984 – is Raymond Blanc’s two Michelin starred eaterie and hotel in Oxfordshire. RB (as he’s known locally) is, of course, the author, TV personality and chef.

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Where to eat in Edinburgh

The Luxury Channel | 10 Apr 2016

Where offers the best dining experiences and ingredients north of the border? Edinburgh. It’s renowned for its fine food scene. If Michelin accolades are your thing, then the city is home to four restaurants with a star. But if the prissiness of such eateries is not your bag, then there are few places better for unpretentious fare than Fhior, which opened last year. Fhior lives up to its name, which means ‘true’ in Gaellic. It offers an excellent and interesting modern Scottish menu with Nordic overtones. Everything’s super fresh, seasonal and local and the chef, Scott Smith, is big on the use of unusual herbs such as nasturtium capers (made from nasturtium seeds) and sweet cicely.

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Westernising Japanese food at Kurobuta

The Luxury Channel | 24 Nov 2014

‘You’re going to hate Kurobuta,’ my teen children announce cheerily. ‘It’s uncomfortable and noisy.’ Well, naturally, I wanted to prove them wrong – what self-righteous mother wouldn’t? But given the fact that I’m now sitting on something like a park bench, only less comfortable – a wooden, plank-like seat – in a restaurant that is chronically loud, cavernous and unpleasantly dark, it’s going to be difficult to disagree with my teen lifestyle advisors.

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Dining at UNI

The Luxury Channel | 19 Nov 2014

Outside it has the look of a Belgravia hair salon or a candle and scent shop – with its black awning and white façade with lots of glass, and window with a big image of a Japanese face. From the pavement, passers-by don’t really see diners. But inside is UNI – a restaurant serving Japanese and Peruvian fusion food, aka Nikkei cuisine.

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Pizza and piazzas: Palermo street food tour

High50 | 3 Sep 2014

It’s hard to explain how enticing Sicilian street food is. Grilled cow’s bowel appetisers don’t sound too, well, appetising. How about spicy spleen sandwiches or griddled horsemeat? They don’t immediately appeal. So, on a trip to Il Vignale, a rural villa near S. Stefano di Camastra on the north coast of Sicily, I don’t go straight to these hardcore culinary experiences. Maria, the chef, breaks me in slowly.

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