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In Calais

London Review of Books | 24 Dec 2015

At the Jules Ferry refugee centre in Calais on Saturday there were hundreds of men clamouring to get in to listen to Handel’s Messiah but the gates were closed, with 700 people already inside. I was there with Play 4 Calais, an offshoot of the Lexi social enterprise cinema in North London, spearheaded by the actress Alix Wilton Regan. The aim was to bring four days of film screenings to some of the Jungle refugee camp’s estimated 6500 inhabitants, including children who are waiting to be reunited with their parents in the UK.

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Bohème – a secret sanctuary of style

The Luxury Channel | 18 Dec 2015

Bohème. Does the very name conjure up thoughts of Puccini’s opera? Well, think again. Because this Bohème is actually one of the loveliest self-catering houses in Somerset. Say the word, ‘Bohème.’ And imagine now a converted sixteenth century former cider mill turned drop-dead stylish, modern-rustic house. Say ‘Bohème’ and imagine instead a place that was also an erstwhile dairy farm and now blends original features with contemporary dash and comfort.

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QMS Skincare popup at Liberty, London

Our Man on the Ground | 11 Dec 2015

If you’re tired of Christmas shopping and longing to be pampered, hotfoot it to the QMS Skincare Spa pop up in Liberty, London. The treatment rooms are on the first floor, a hidden world (think The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe) behind a door at the rear of the shoe department. Boasting a gently clinical vibe and classical music, the rooms are simple and white-on-white – with white-clad therapists who look after you beautifully. (A hand and shoulder massage comes with the facial.)

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Mindful movement (and cake) in the Atlas Mountains

Queen of Retreats | 6 Dec 2015

The quick read: Satvada Retreats’ 5-day yoga, mindfulness meditation and walking retreat runs on set dates throughout the year and is based at a kasbah at Tahanaout, in the spectacular foothills of the Atlas Mountains. The vibe is gentle, mindful and uncompetitive, so these retreats suit beginners just as much as they do the experienced practitioner. The accommodation is traditional – in a serene setting – and the food rustic and good, including cake and wine if you want it. There are superb guided walks, a hammam (with so-so massages) or it’s just a 30-minute drive from Marrakech for the souk. You’re almost guaranteed to come back from the holiday feeling inspired and restored.

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‘I tried sensory therapy for my past trauma’

Healthista | 9 Nov 2015

There was that time my house was hit by a tornado when I was at home. And then there was my physically and emotionally abusive childhood, at the hands of my mentally ill mother. Yes, I’m a good subject for trauma therapy. But actually nearly everybody has suffered trauma. You don’t have to be a war veteran or a survivor of incest or of a car crash. Even seemingly benign experiences can be traumatic for some – it depends on your attitude – from that nasty knee surgery to root canal treatment at the dentist or a ride on a roller-coaster.

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Uspaah – the personal spa concierge for those too busy to visit a spa

Our Man on the Ground | 25 Oct 2015

Don’t want to leave your hotel room? Want something special in your office? Or don’t want to have to drive home from the spa after a relaxing massage? Can’t be bothered to get your pedi done in the nail bar down the road? Like to do a his and hers spa chez vous? Then USPAAH is your new personal spa concierge, bringing a spa to your door. It’s a new app that offers high-end beauty treatments from ‘spaahristas’ – think tip-top mobile beauticians – who arrive Uber-style at a tap of your finger and within the hour.

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Ever wondered what actually happens when you see a life coach? Here’s exactly what happened when our writer went to see one

Healthista | 20 Oct 2015

Midgie Thompson ran her first marathon eleven months after being hit by glandular fever — call it mind over matter. And I entered my first triathlon, then age 48 and unfit, under her tutelage — and still made the finishing line. But she also helps everyone from students to perform well in exams to clients who need support in completing, say, a business project or healthy work/life balance. Or people who want to change job.

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