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Borgo Egnazia

Globalista | 25 Sep 2011

Picture a sandstone building shimmering like a mirage. Perhaps something out of Lawrence of Arabia – or maybe a creamy Moroccan fort. Then imagine honey-coloured alleyways, a piazza and a church – just built but looking as if they’ve been there for centuries. Now envisage, if you will, 93 townhouses in the style of traditional Apulian hill villages. And finally add to the mix some large villas – grand-ish residences encircled with dry stonewalls and cacti – on the outskirts of the town.

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Doyenne of the downturn

Spear’s | 19 Sep 2011

The year may have been humbling for many of the hedge-fund industry’s biggest stars and other experienced investors and traders. Many have found it hard to cope with the effects of Japan’s disasters, uneven US and British economic recoveries, commodity price volatility and concerns about the solvency of Greece and other European nations. This is hardly the time, you would think, for the wives of hedgies to be demanding a new personal shopper, only the woman in question is devoted to rationalising your portfolio (of clothes) and helping you avoid a haircut (on ill-advised purchases).

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Heat, holy men and chanting at dawn: are you tough enough for an ashram?

The Times | 3 Sep 2011

We pull up at the ashram. A bare-chested man in a dhoti walks past as monkeys and peacocks wander around. “I’ve been here before,” I say, startled. “In another life,” replies a distant cousin, Alan Lawrence. No, two years ago, en route to Kerala. I visited for nanoseconds and thought: “Golly, how could anyone stay here? So boring and uncomfortable.” Now I’m here for two weeks.

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Globalista | 16 Jun 2011

Vietnam is the new Thailand. You get incredible history, magical landscapes, deserted white beaches, top colonial hotels and wonderful spas. You find bustling cities – some surpassingly beautiful with the faded elegance of the French colonial era – ancient temples, pagodas and haunting relics of the Vietnam War.

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The Fatal Feast

Elle | 19 May 2011

Bulimia nervosa, the compulsive eating syndrome, is on the increase. As the ideal body gets thinner, the media pressure to slim becomes greater. Conventional and feminist methods have not solved the problem, but now Paulette Maisner offers a more commonsense approach which appears to be working. Caroline Phillips meets her to discuss the treatment.

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New York

Globalista | 23 Feb 2011

Unless you’re going by private Lear jet, hot-air balloon or in First Class, there can’t be a better way to fly to New York than aboard the Bankers’ Express, BA001. Launched last September, it’s the Club World only service that avoids the US immigration queues by stopping briefly in Shannon, Ireland to complete the fierce US formalities and to refuel.

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A spa so beautiful it’s enough to make you sick – literally

The Times | 8 Jan 2011

Caroline Phillips tries a radical detox treatment in India, while, overleaf, we suggest the 20 best spas to beat the new year blues.

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