Caroline Phillips


Caroline Phillips
“Caroline Phillips is a tenacious and skilful writer with a flair for high quality interviewing and a knack for making things work.”

Caroline Phillips


Broadcasting & Books

Caroline is currently working on her first book, and has contributed to two previous books. The world-wide bestseller, The Official Sloane Ranger Handbook by Peter York and Ann Barr and also The English Country Home, edited by Vanessa Berridge and published by Weidenfeld and Nicholson.

Caroline has also broadcast frequently on television and radio – from studio-based talk shows, radio discussion panels to news appearances. She has been interviewed on BBC Newsnight, Channel 4 News, BBC News at 10, The World At One and Sky News; has appeared as a pundit on magazine programmes from Kilroy to Richard Littlejohn’s show; and has made her mark in a range of regional studios from Brighton to Oxford.


The Official Sloane Ranger Handbook

by Peter York; pub. Harpers & Queen

The first guide to what really matters in life… why it really matters to: wear navy blue; eat jelly with a fork; read Dick Francis and the FT; giggle in bed; cry when you sing carols; not cry at funerals; kill salmon; drink seriously; put the ‘Great’ into Britain and the ‘Hooray’ into Henry; and live in the country.

The English Country Home

Edited by Vanessa Berridge; pub. Weidenfeld and Nicholson

Shows and describes the background of a series of British mansions, farmhouses, country homes, and gardens, and includes converted chapels and schoolhouses.

Caroline on LBC Radio

Caroline discussing the week’s news with Richard Littlejohn on LBC.


Caroline’s TV ad for Bold detergent.


“Caroline’s insights have informed all our doings over the years. As for her journalism, it’s terrifying. She alights on those terrible alignments between saying and doing, grand theories and holes in socks.”

Peter York, Author, broadcaster, columnist, management consultant and style guru