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I want to find a cure for childhood epilepsy

YOU Magazine | 22 Jun 2008

Ann Maxwell has always aimed high. So when she discovered her son Muir had a rare form of epilepsy, she made it her goal to help other families affected by the condition. Her energy and determination made her the unanimous choice of the judges to win 2008’s Clarins Most Dynamisante Woman of the Year, and the £30,000 award which goes with it – an even more remarkable story considering the life-threatening illness Ann is facing herself.

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Nature or science?

Evening Standard | 27 Nov 2007

THE MOST important beauty issue for women approaching 40 is how to reverse the ageing process. Increasing numbers of Londoners are opting for surgery to banish wrinkles and sagging skin but there are less drastic options if you want to look 10 years younger.

The natural path involves using creams and trying holistic health treatments to improve the appearance of skin. Or there is the scientific approach – cuttingedge anti-ageing technology such as oxygen treatments and chemical peels.

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Inside London’s five-star rehab clinic

Evening Standard | 18 Sep 2007

THERE’S nothing outside the elegant stucco Chelsea townhouse to indicate the extraordinary things that go on inside.

Nothing to show why the rich, famous and just plain troubled now store this discreet address in their BlackBerries. A peer of the realm and a young woman stand on the pavement chatting. “It’s great that you’re also dealing with your sex compulsion,” she says. He smiles.

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My iron woman challenge

Evening Standard | 31 Jul 2007

A WALK around Selfridges was once my idea of aerobic exertion.

Then a few months ago my brain synapses must have got twisted, because I started working out thrice weekly.

I was able to run, say, for 40 minutes without stopping. And I was able to swim gentle lengths of breaststroke.

But when a friend suggested doing a triathlon – that’s swimming outdoors, biking and running over silly distances – I should have checked into rehab.

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The merciless Mr Bean

Evening Standard | 16 May 2006

Jemima Khan has the give-away sinewy arms. Then there’s Leonie Frieda with her sculpted body, not to mention Lady Cosima Somerset, former confidante of Princess Diana, with her gym-toned physique. These are all Bean’s Babes: girls who have been put through their paces by Tim Bean, probably the world’s most sought-after personal trainer-cum-nutritionist.

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Behind every musical child is a parent working just as hard

The Times | 9 May 2005

A ‘holiday’ camp for Suzuki Method training is exhausting – but it’s worth all the sacrifices, says Caroline Phillips.

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