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Menopause retreat: a holiday for those darned hormones

High50 | 2 Jul 2012

If I said ‘menopause retreat’ to you, what would you imagine? Something involving California, teepees and chanting, probably. But no, I am at Grayshott Spa in Surrey, convening for a five-day break. Although this solid country mansion has something of the air of a sanatorium about it, it is surrounded by 47 acres of lovely green stuff, mature trees and bunnies. Alfred Lord Tennyson shacked up here (and that was before they had an open-air pool).

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Glamorous, grown-up… and bulimic

Easy Living | 19 Jun 2012

I’m at a reunion dinner for some of my erstwhile classmates: ten of us – including a psychotherapist, a doctor and a lawyer – now 50 years old, successful and glamorous. Conversation falls to the topic of food and bodies. Then something startling is revealed. Seven of us admit to having suffered from eating disorders at school – bulimia, compulsive overeating or anorexia.

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The possibility of a miracle

The Sunday Times Magazine | 20 May 2012

The couple were cuddled up on a sofa, talking about their good fortune. “We lead such a charmed life,” James Collins told his wife, Sharmila Nikapota. The Cambridge-educated professionals enjoyed the theatre, dining out, romantic holidays. They had a lovely home and planned a family. “The world was our oyster,” Sharmila, now 43, says. James is a commercial barrister, recently made a QC. Sharmila used to be a vet. On July 15, 2002, their perfect world was shattered. Their first child, Sohana, was born with the genetic skin condition recessive dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa (RDEB).

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Spear’s Spa Selection

Spear’s | 13 Feb 2012

A former Barclays Bank branch has been reborn as the Chuan Spa in the grand 19th-century Langham Hotel, London. Now that the money men have gone, the spa has settled prettily in a brilliant spot on Portland Place – directly opposite Broadcasting House, the iconic home of the BBC, and just a few Louboutin-shod steps from Bond Street and even more exclusive Mount Street.

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The Fatal Feast

Elle | 19 May 2011

Bulimia nervosa, the compulsive eating syndrome, is on the increase. As the ideal body gets thinner, the media pressure to slim becomes greater. Conventional and feminist methods have not solved the problem, but now Paulette Maisner offers a more commonsense approach which appears to be working. Caroline Phillips meets her to discuss the treatment.

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A spa so beautiful it’s enough to make you sick – literally

The Times | 8 Jan 2011

Caroline Phillips tries a radical detox treatment in India, while, overleaf, we suggest the 20 best spas to beat the new year blues.

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Dude looks like a lady

Spear’s | 13 Sep 2010

It used to be a man’s world. But since the credit crunch men have increasingly been turning to everything from make-up and cosmetic surgery to hormone replacement therapy. Now chaps are having to play a woman’s game. Men in high-powered jobs are expected to be eternally youthful, to display endless stamina and vigour. And, on top of this, increasingly, they’re judged on their looks.

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Return to glory

Spa Secrets | 6 Apr 2010

Two of the sector’s main growth areas are teenage spas and home spas. Putting the two together is a winning combination. Our daughter requested a pampering party for her 12th birthday, so we contacted Return to Glory, 180-strong company of freelance therapists who provide anything from beauty treatments to personal fitness in homes, offices and hotels.

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Do we know the power of yoga?

Evening Standard | 24 Jun 2009

ONE woman has thrown away the wheelchair to which she was confined for two years. She suffered from ME (chronic fatigue) for 15 years and now, confounding medical orthodoxy, is symptom-free. Another patient says he endured asthma intermittently for 30 years – and is now cured. Improbably, both say their transformation is down to yoga. They are not alone, because many major health benefits are now being claimed for the discipline.

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Worst of times, best of care

The Telegraph | 30 Jun 2008

When her father was taken to hospital last month after a car crash, Caroline Phillips prepared herself for an NHS horror story. What happened was very different.

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