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The Spear’s Luxury Index 2020: Joanne Evans

Spear’s | 25 Nov 2020

London’s best-kept skin secret is hidden behind a door in a residential street. ‘It’s so discreet,’ enthuses Joanne Evans as she welcomes Spear’s to the Holland Park flagship of Skin-Matters, the UK’s first ‘skin health house’. 

It feels like an exclusive, members-only club frequented by the beauty cognoscenti. When Evans, a medical aesthetician, launched it nine months before the pandemic struck, it quickly made its way on to speed dial for celebrities. Hollywood actress Naomi Watts enjoyed her visit so much that she announced she would take Evans back to the US with her. 

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The good life

Spear’s | 6 Nov 2013

Two crofters turn the hay by hand, beside woods of rowan, wych and grey willow. These are ancient woods and ancient people. Nearby a sign warns of bulls and calves roaming free – but you may also meet wildcats and pine martens. We’re amid bens and glens covered in bracken and purple thistles, the air heady with wild thyme.

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Join the super-wealthy in the Ionian Sea

Spear’s | 23 Jun 2013

Alexandros Matsukis, director, founder, co-owner of Ionian & Aegean Island Holidays, provides a close-up of the region. His tour operator company has been renting out villas there since 2002 and is now the undisputed market leader on the sort of islands for which the big boys are gunning.

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Bangkok without the bang

Spear’s | 22 Jun 2012

I’m not ordinarily a fan of Bangkok – too much heat, too many knockoffs – but then there’s the Sukhotai hotel. Yes it’s surrounded by high-rise buildings in one of the noisiest and most traffic-choked cities in the world. But stop a while – inside, it’s pure orchid filled Zen and The Art of Hotel Living. Plus it offers something that’s as rare as a paragliding saffron-robed monk: it’s a resort hotel set calmly in the centre of the city.

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Spear’s Spa Selection

Spear’s | 13 Feb 2012

A former Barclays Bank branch has been reborn as the Chuan Spa in the grand 19th-century Langham Hotel, London. Now that the money men have gone, the spa has settled prettily in a brilliant spot on Portland Place – directly opposite Broadcasting House, the iconic home of the BBC, and just a few Louboutin-shod steps from Bond Street and even more exclusive Mount Street.

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