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“Caroline Phillips is a tenacious and skilful writer with a flair for high quality interviewing and a knack for making things work.”

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To the manor barn

Spear’s | 13 Jan 2012

Switzerland presents the tourist with two competing visions: getting back to nature as you glide effortlessly – or tumble gracelessly – down a black run, and avoiding nature entirely in some of its best hotels, tapping away on your BlackBeryy as you ignore your family. The two rarely collide, so when one of those five-star hotels offers a stay in the most expensive rustic hut on the planet, something uniquely, oddly Swiss is happening.

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Doyenne of the downturn

Spear’s | 19 Sep 2011

The year may have been humbling for many of the hedge-fund industry’s biggest stars and other experienced investors and traders. Many have found it hard to cope with the effects of Japan’s disasters, uneven US and British economic recoveries, commodity price volatility and concerns about the solvency of Greece and other European nations. This is hardly the time, you would think, for the wives of hedgies to be demanding a new personal shopper, only the woman in question is devoted to rationalising your portfolio (of clothes) and helping you avoid a haircut (on ill-advised purchases).

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Dude looks like a lady

Spear’s | 13 Sep 2010

It used to be a man’s world. But since the credit crunch men have increasingly been turning to everything from make-up and cosmetic surgery to hormone replacement therapy. Now chaps are having to play a woman’s game. Men in high-powered jobs are expected to be eternally youthful, to display endless stamina and vigour. And, on top of this, increasingly, they’re judged on their looks.

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The New York

Spear’s | 13 May 2010

Come triumph or catastrophe, New York never stops evolving, which is why Spear’s dispatched Caroline Phillips to discover what’s in, what’s out and what’s shaking it all about in the New New York.

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