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Seven can’t-live-without beauty products

High50 | 8 Aug 2013

This moisturiser is a Beauty Bible Anti-Ageing Award winner, and with good reason, not just because it has gold, truffles and diamonds in it. They’re not a gimmick: the first two are antioxidants and the diamonds give skin a glow. The champagne extract it also contains is a skin humidifier. Dabbing yourself with its phyto-endorphin complex is akin to smiling, and it helps the skin heal (hence its ‘Happiness in a jar’ moniker). This cream genuinely gives instant radiance and brightens the complexion. I promise.

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How to stop your hair from ageing

High50 | 2 May 2013

A survey of 1,00 women has revealed that one in two women get antsy about ageing hair, which means locks that are thinning and losing body and volume. And it’s all down to geography: the Welsh worry most about going grey (44 per cent) while people in Scotland fret most about thinning hair (62 per cent.) And, FYI, the most age-conscious women in the UK are from Yorkshire and Humberside. Hmmm.

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Rossano Ferretti and the £1,000 haircut: because he’s worth it

High50 | 13 Mar 2013

“A thousand pounds for a haircut?!” I hear you say. “But you could feed an African village for a year… buy two Hermès belts… how can any hairdo be worth that sort of money?” Either you need your head examined, expensively, or you’re tidying topiary for a palace. Who spends a grand on something that’s going to grow out?

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Grayshott Spa

Globalista | 24 Feb 2013

It appeals to me when I arrive at Grayshott Spa and know from the minute I walk into the entrance hall that I can wear a white robe from now on. ‘You don’t have to worry about labels on your tracksuit or whether you have the correct evening clothes. Just bring trackies and robust walking boots’, was all Vicki Edgson, nutritionist, global spa retreat leader and health consultant, had insisted. ‘The rest of the time, you probably won’t even get out of your dressing gown’.

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Solving your wardrobe dilemmas

Beauty Works West | 7 Feb 2013

If you’re the type who has tons of clothes but never anything to wear, read on. Once we Brits thought that professional style advice was best left to our Transatlantic cousins. We legged it in department stores at the sight of consultants wearing knee-high foundation and extreme designer clothes: reincarnated Stepford Wives telling us which colours and styles of clothes (and makeup) to wear.

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Anti-ageing: can this man convince you to go under the knife?

High50 | 2 Nov 2012

Under-eye bags big enough to carry your weekend gear? Crows’ feet, rabbit lines (on the nose), smokers’ lines? What about muffin-top tummy or basement-level libido and energy? Or maybe tits/moobs going south, saggy bum or wattle (that’s a wobbly double chin)?

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Kamalaya: is this Thailand’s best spa?

High50 | 8 Aug 2012

Everyone leaves there having made at least one change in their lives. That’s what I’m told about Kamalaya health spa in Koh Samui, Thailand. Guests rid themselves of multiple pounds (in weight and currency), have a turn of direction in their heart-attack-headed lives, and rejuvenate bodies more burnt out than a forest fire.

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Menopause retreat: a holiday for those darned hormones

High50 | 2 Jul 2012

If I said ‘menopause retreat’ to you, what would you imagine? Something involving California, teepees and chanting, probably. But no, I am at Grayshott Spa in Surrey, convening for a five-day break. Although this solid country mansion has something of the air of a sanatorium about it, it is surrounded by 47 acres of lovely green stuff, mature trees and bunnies. Alfred Lord Tennyson shacked up here (and that was before they had an open-air pool).

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Globalista | 23 Feb 2012

We fly from Nairobi in a plane that is one up from that used by Le Petit Prince, land at the one-strip airport with a thatched shed waiting-room, then take a speedboat past timeless fishing villages and mangrove swamps. Welcome to Lamu, a remote island off the coast of Kenya.

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Borgo Egnazia

Globalista | 25 Sep 2011

Picture a sandstone building shimmering like a mirage. Perhaps something out of Lawrence of Arabia – or maybe a creamy Moroccan fort. Then imagine honey-coloured alleyways, a piazza and a church – just built but looking as if they’ve been there for centuries. Now envisage, if you will, 93 townhouses in the style of traditional Apulian hill villages. And finally add to the mix some large villas – grand-ish residences encircled with dry stonewalls and cacti – on the outskirts of the town.

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Globalista | 16 Jun 2011

Vietnam is the new Thailand. You get incredible history, magical landscapes, deserted white beaches, top colonial hotels and wonderful spas. You find bustling cities – some surpassingly beautiful with the faded elegance of the French colonial era – ancient temples, pagodas and haunting relics of the Vietnam War.

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