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A family holiday with teenagers: Vacanze con figli adolescente (To Sicily with the mob)

High50 | 8 Sep 2015

The language barrier is always one of the first obstacles to overcome on holiday in a foreign country. Even more challenging when the tongue you’re trying to understand is your teenager’s: “Whaaa?”… “Huurgh?” Yet here I am: August, Sicily, at Casalnuovo – a beautiful villa with majestic 360-degree views and a massive pool – with six teens, two of them with my DNA.

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Pizza and piazzas: Palermo street food tour

High50 | 3 Sep 2014

It’s hard to explain how enticing Sicilian street food is. Grilled cow’s bowel appetisers don’t sound too, well, appetising. How about spicy spleen sandwiches or griddled horsemeat? They don’t immediately appeal. So, on a trip to Il Vignale, a rural villa near S. Stefano di Camastra on the north coast of Sicily, I don’t go straight to these hardcore culinary experiences. Maria, the chef, breaks me in slowly.

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At home: your exclusive salon

High50 | 28 Apr 2014

It started with home shopping and home office. Now it’s home everything. You don’t have to schlepp anywhere nor waste time travelling. There’s no need to sit in waiting rooms, deal with receptionists or make small talk with salon assistants. Nor go food shopping, dirty so much as a saucepan or wash up after your dinner guests. 

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Five post-holiday beauty buzzes

High50 | 16 Sep 2013

Time is money. So what price a mani, pedi, foot massage and full head of highlights, administered simultaneously by Daniel Galvin Jr and his elves, all working on you like a team of synchronised swimmers? Remember that then you have a cut and blow-dry while you eat your Ottolenghi organic lunch (all included in the price). It’s two hours from beginning to end, but don’t fret: the white-on-white salon has iPhone chargers and WiFi. Gives a new meaning to ‘power lunch’ – as it should, at £1,200.

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Seven can’t-live-without beauty products

High50 | 8 Aug 2013

This moisturiser is a Beauty Bible Anti-Ageing Award winner, and with good reason, not just because it has gold, truffles and diamonds in it. They’re not a gimmick: the first two are antioxidants and the diamonds give skin a glow. The champagne extract it also contains is a skin humidifier. Dabbing yourself with its phyto-endorphin complex is akin to smiling, and it helps the skin heal (hence its ‘Happiness in a jar’ moniker). This cream genuinely gives instant radiance and brightens the complexion. I promise.

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How to stop your hair from ageing

High50 | 2 May 2013

A survey of 1,00 women has revealed that one in two women get antsy about ageing hair, which means locks that are thinning and losing body and volume. And it’s all down to geography: the Welsh worry most about going grey (44 per cent) while people in Scotland fret most about thinning hair (62 per cent.) And, FYI, the most age-conscious women in the UK are from Yorkshire and Humberside. Hmmm.

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Rossano Ferretti and the £1,000 haircut: because he’s worth it

High50 | 13 Mar 2013

“A thousand pounds for a haircut?!” I hear you say. “But you could feed an African village for a year… buy two Hermès belts… how can any hairdo be worth that sort of money?” Either you need your head examined, expensively, or you’re tidying topiary for a palace. Who spends a grand on something that’s going to grow out?

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Anti-ageing: can this man convince you to go under the knife?

High50 | 2 Nov 2012

Under-eye bags big enough to carry your weekend gear? Crows’ feet, rabbit lines (on the nose), smokers’ lines? What about muffin-top tummy or basement-level libido and energy? Or maybe tits/moobs going south, saggy bum or wattle (that’s a wobbly double chin)?

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Kamalaya: is this Thailand’s best spa?

High50 | 8 Aug 2012

Everyone leaves there having made at least one change in their lives. That’s what I’m told about Kamalaya health spa in Koh Samui, Thailand. Guests rid themselves of multiple pounds (in weight and currency), have a turn of direction in their heart-attack-headed lives, and rejuvenate bodies more burnt out than a forest fire.

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Menopause retreat: a holiday for those darned hormones

High50 | 2 Jul 2012

If I said ‘menopause retreat’ to you, what would you imagine? Something involving California, teepees and chanting, probably. But no, I am at Grayshott Spa in Surrey, convening for a five-day break. Although this solid country mansion has something of the air of a sanatorium about it, it is surrounded by 47 acres of lovely green stuff, mature trees and bunnies. Alfred Lord Tennyson shacked up here (and that was before they had an open-air pool).

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