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Caroline Phillips
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Caroline Phillips


Caroline’s favourite articles from 1992

Cher’s pop corn

Evening Standard | 7 May 1992

Picture that over-sized meat abattoir, Wembley Arena. People are eating toffee popcorn instead of doing drugs.

White jean beclad thirtysomethings are sipping beer out of plastic bottles. And nobody is smoking in the no-smoking auditorium.

The only sniff of something really ‘way out’ here are the neon exit signs.

This is the first night of sex queen Cher’s two-night stand in Wembley.

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Harry Enfield: Money, sex and the neuroses of Enfield man

Evening Standard | 19 Mar 1992

Comedian Harry Enfield has a nightmare. It is rooted in a childhood experience. “The only violent dream I ever had is of beating a monk, Father Gaisford, around the head with a cricket bat. I completely bashed him.” Father Gaisford was at Worth Abbey, a Catholic public school, which Enfield found horrifying. He was there for two years between the ages of 13 and 15, before his parents took him away early. “My abiding image is of 14 boys lined up just before Christmas in 1974 outside the headmaster’s study, each one going in to be beaten. It was like something out of Tom Brown’s Schooldays.”

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Margaret Drabble: ‘I can live with my husband now’

Evening Standard | 10 Feb 1992

The writer Margaret Drabble lives in a Hampstead house and Michael Holroyd, the husband to whom she is devoted, lives in Ladbroke Grove. It is an arrangement that London’s top-drawer literary couple have maintained since their secret wedding in 1982. But now she wants to move in with him.

When they entertain, they sleep at her house; when they go to the airport, they spend the night at his. “We speak every day,” says Drabble of Holroyd, the enigmatic man of letters who received a record advance of £625,000 for his biography of George Bernard Shaw.

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Why I’ll keep chasing burglars

Evening Standard | 27 Jan 1992

The other day I chased burglars across west London. This is the second time I have done so. In 1990 there were 174,780 reported burlaries in London (compared with 127,310 in 1980), most of which seemed to happen in my street. It’s the maxim of metropolitan life: “We live in London, so we’re burgled.”

These figures don’t include robberies from persons, muggings, theft and handling of stolen goods including joy riding, beatings on the Tube, or my stolen bicycle. And I am one of many who has decided enough is enough.

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Evening Standard | 18 Dec 1992

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