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Seductive Symi – the quietly smart Greek island

The Times | 31 Jan 2015

We develop a spring in our step on the island of Symi. No wonder – there are apparently 374 steps from its harbour, Yialos, to our villa. This is according to its owner, George Kalodoukas – an erstwhile sea captain – who sports a moustache that could double for a thatched roof. Regardless of his impressive facial decoration and his impossibly white Panama hat, his maths proves wonky. I count only 278 steps.

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A journey down the Danube into history

The Times | 13 Apr 2013

I’m on the MS Amadolce, a riverboat cruising down the Danube past Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania – from Budapest to Bucharest in seven days. On board it’s like a comfortable floating United Nations. There are Australian ambulance drivers, octogenarian Florida widows, jolly Puerto Rican insurance salesmen (we’re soon all sharing dining tables).

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Adventures in secret Sicily

The Times | 8 Feb 2013

There are not many families who own canyons. But the aristocratic Nifosì family have their own gorge — well, part of one — near their home in Sicily. It’s on the southeast side of the island, near Ragusa.

And because we’re staying in their hotel, we can visit it. There’s no mobile signal. No traffic. Just the sound of insects, birds and water. As we walk along the edge of its gurgling baby river, the air is pungent with wild herbs and pine. Gloriously, the area has remained relatively undiscovered. It’s off the tourist track of Palermo, Agrigento, Syracuse and Taormina.

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Heat, holy men and chanting at dawn: are you tough enough for an ashram?

The Times | 3 Sep 2011

We pull up at the ashram. A bare-chested man in a dhoti walks past as monkeys and peacocks wander around. “I’ve been here before,” I say, startled. “In another life,” replies a distant cousin, Alan Lawrence. No, two years ago, en route to Kerala. I visited for nanoseconds and thought: “Golly, how could anyone stay here? So boring and uncomfortable.” Now I’m here for two weeks.

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A spa so beautiful it’s enough to make you sick – literally

The Times | 8 Jan 2011

Caroline Phillips tries a radical detox treatment in India, while, overleaf, we suggest the 20 best spas to beat the new year blues.

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Behind every musical child is a parent working just as hard

The Times | 9 May 2005

A ‘holiday’ camp for Suzuki Method training is exhausting – but it’s worth all the sacrifices, says Caroline Phillips.

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My father, the luckiest President

The Times | 8 Feb 1988

This week a commission of historians will deliver their verdict on the wartime conduct of Kurt Waldheim. For his most ardent supporter, his daughter Christa, there can be only one possible outcome.

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